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1.  I don't understand chemistry. Is there anything out there to help?

For the student taking the New York State Regents exam, buy High Marks: Regents Chemistry made Easy - The Physical Setting by Sharon H. Welcher because this book teaches what you need to get high marks on the New York State Regents exam and is written in simple, clear, easy language.

The student not taking the New York State Regents exam can buy either High Marks: Regents Chemistry Made Easy- The Physical Setting or High Marks: Chemistry Made Easy, both by Sharon H . Welcher.

Both books explain chemistry in simple, clear, easy language, enabling the students to understand chemistry and get high marks on their exams. High Marks: Chemistry Made Easy is brief (less pages, and faster to learn and review). If you don't understand a topic in chemistry, read the same topic in these books, and it will help you understand it. This book is your private tutor. Assistant principals, teachers, and students all over highly recommend Sharon Welcher's book. Over 100,000 books sold.

  2.  How do I know which reference table to use for each question?
  In my book, I teach students which reference tables to use for each chapter. I put part of the specific reference table inside the exact chapters where the students need to use it, to help them get high marks on tests.
  3.  How long does it take to get the book if I order online?
  You get the book in a few days.
 4.  Is there another book out in another subject?
   Yes. High Marks: Regents Physics Made Easy and High Marks: Regents Living Environment Made Easy, both by Sharon H. Welcher. Also, High Marks: College Chemistry Made Easy by Sharon H. Welcher and Organic Chemsitry of Alkanes, Alkenes, and Alkynes Made Easy by Sharon H. Welcher.