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Sharon Welcher

... adjunct instructor of chemistry and physics at City University of New York, science Chairperson of Machon Academy High School, is a proven master teacher, teaching chemistry, biology, physics and earth science in both public and private high schools in New York City. Almost all of her students pass the chemistry Regents every year, because she explains chemistry in a simple, clear, easy to understand manner.

Mrs. Welcher teaches chemistry review classes, and, when students are failing, she is called in as an emergency tutor to help them pass the examinations. Her ability to make chemistry easy to understand has helped innumerable students get excellent marks in chemistry.

She decided to take the advice of many of her students and wrote the first edition of High Marks: Regents Chemistry Made Easy. This book was a great success. She then wrote the second edition of her book, High Marks: Regents Chemistry Made Easy-The Physical Setting, based on the revised New York State Regents curriculum.

Over 100,000 books of High Marks: Regents Chemistry Made Easy were sold. Assistant principals, teachers, parents, and students all over are buying this review book. Sharon Welcher’s goal is that this book should help all students get excellent marks on chemistry tests, Regents, and other statewide exams.

In February 2006, Sharon Welcher wrote High marks: Regents Physics Made Easy-The Physical Setting.  The book makes Physics easier to understand and teaches the students how to solve Physics problems.

In October 2009, Sharon Welcher wrote High Marks: Regents Living Environment Made Easy in simple, clear, easy language. This book helps students understand the concepts, apply them to answert questions, and get high marks on the regents, tests, and quizzes. In July 2014, Sharon Welcher wrote High Marks: College Chemistry Made Easy. High Marks: College Chemistry Made Easy shows the student in clear, simple, easy language how to understand topics in college chemistry. This book teaches the student to solve chemistry problems using easy to understand step-by-step methods. The student then should not have difficulty in any part of the problem. She then wrote Organic chemistry of Alkanes, alkenes, and Alkynes Made Easy to explain this difficult subject in a simple, clear, and easy to understand manner so even those with a limited knowledge of chemistry can understand organic chemistry. Sharon Welcher took all of her strategies of teaching over the years and incorporated them into the high school chemistry, physics, and living environment books and the college chemistry book to help all students and not only her own.

Sharon Welcher, author


1. High Marks: Regents Chemistry Made Easy- Physical Setting - $13.95

2. High Marks: Regents Physics Made Easy - The Physical Setting - $13.95

3. High Marks: Regents Living Environment Made Easy. - $12.95

4. High Marks: Regents Chemistry Made Easy - $9.95

5. High Marks: Chemistry Made Easy - $13.95

6. High Marks: College Chemistry Made Easy. - $29.95

7. Organic Chemistry of Alkanes, Alkenes, and Alkynes Made Easy - $12.95 (written in December 2019)